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What you may need to do after spending some time listening to the Pico boxes in place, and especially if you use them with the Jayas, is reposition your loudspeakers. This is because the Vertex AQ effect is frequently one of letting your system work unconstrained; not held back by the amplifier’s grip (or lack thereof) on the bass drivers, or the drivers interaction with room and system. You may find you end up bringing your loudspeakers slightly further into the room, as if the room can suddenly ‘handle’ a little more bass energy.

This adjustment to the speaker position for optimum bass can make the Vertex AQ overall re-thinking process seem fundamentally at odds with some people’s system design criteria. Some will come to terms with this and discover in the process that they had gone off on an audiophile tangent some years previously. Others will find the process too disruptive.

It might sound counter-intuitive, but spending money on devices like Pico and Jaya could save you money elsewhere. The Vertex AQ approach largely does away with component upgrades, and endless tonal ‘patching up’ from using cables as tone controls. Eventually, of course, you will end up changing electronic components or loudspeakers in the system, but with this approach firmly locked into your noodle, the chances of making yet another series of poor decisions are minimised. You can still upgrade, but you upgrade less, and you upgrade wisely. In the process, you might spend a lot on Vertex AQ and Leading Edge products, but this should all cost less than rebuilding your system over and over again.

Vertex AQ’s Pico is an easy upgrade to make, because it doesn’t involve any unplugging of existing components, just adding Picos to components and loudspeakers. Similarly, adding Jaya power boxes involves nothing more than plugging them into an adjacent power socket, without changing anything else in the system. Just because they are easy to fit, though, doesn’t make Vertex AQ’s improvements any less significant. Try the Picos for a week or two, and you may just find yourself taking a first step toward a whole new audio paradigm!  

Prices and Contact Details

Vertex AQ Pico Component Grounding Block

Price: £399

Vertex AQ Pico Binding Post Grounding Block

Price: £799

Vertex AQ HiRez Jaya power filter

Price: £1,165

Manufactured by: Vertex AQ


Tel: +44(0)1554 759267

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