The HW-40 anniversary edition turntable has been lovingly engineered in New Jersey by the US masters of vinyl replay, VPI. Inspired by their rich history, the HW-40 pays tribute to forty years of audio development and engineering excellence.

Forty years ago, VPI’s founder, Harry Weisfeld, started creating accessory components for his audiophile hobby. With a background in electrical engineering, he was always fascinated with direct drive turntables and how he could make accessories to improve them. This led to the founding of VPI and the development and manufacture of a range of award-winning turntables sold across the globe.

The HW-40 features VPI’s original direct drive motor design enhanced by the best of 2018’s motion control circuitry, vibration and isolation technology. The HW-40 is a stunning record player reminiscent of the original VPI designs, and it builds upon its heritage to deliver a striking improvement musical performance when compared with the turntables of 1978. 

HW-40 direct drive motor

The HW-40 motor coils are composed in a solid copper square cross-section wire embedded in a composite structure. This facilitates a high-precision high-efficiency motor. The motor has high torque, excellent cooling, and near optimal interaction with electromagnetic conductors within the magnetic rotor circuit. This gives an easy to drive, quietly powerful next-generation direct drive motor. 

The HW-40's motor has a unique iron-less coil assembly and avoids the use of magnetic materials. Combined with overlapping V-shaped coil construction, the HW-40 motor eliminates the cogging that accompanies traditional direct drive motors. The system achieves 93% efficiency and a torque of 2.68 Nm/sec and accelerates the 25lb platter assembly to full speed and then decelerates to stop in one second.

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