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Nevertheless, the ZenSati cables have a sound common to them all, and it’s a fundamentally uncoloured, not peaked or pitched up, and extremely even-handed design. This is where the concept of the ‘mug’s eyeful’ falls apart: a big silvery sounding cable should sound big and bright if we listened with our eyes, where these cables are intrinsically well-balanced tonally, and if anything tend slightly toward the dark.

This even, accurate nature has an obvious advantage in that the cable makes your system sound like it doesn’t need to try so hard to make a good sound. It just does good sound effortlessly. Like the amplifier is not having to strain as much at any given level. Nothing draws attention to itself in Authentica’s sound, and that absence of alterations or colorations is what marks the ZenSati cables out as so good.

It’s strongest suit (if you can call it that, the cable’s absence of intrusion into the signal makes ‘strongest suit’ sound like emphasis. Instead it’s just recognition) is the depth of the soundstage on any good recording, but if that sounds a bit audiophile in approach, crank the system up through Authentica, and wig out a while. In playing loud and hard, the cable exhibits great dynamic range, but less dynamic and more ‘beauteous’ works display the optimum sense of musical flow.

Of course, if synergy is not a problem and Authentica can be dropped into any system, which one should be the first choice? I think the interconnect cables. They encapsulate all that Authentica does well, and make a big difference. The speaker cables and power cords come close, and in many systems I think you may find the speaker cables edge ahead of the interconnects. That all being said, the interconnect cables were the first link in the chain that went to ZenSati, so perhaps that is a factor in my listening and my ultimate hierarchy. If I’d started with the speaker cables, maybe I’d be saying the speaker cables are key. It’s that close.

Whichever cable you choose, though, here’s a little tip. Use it for about half a day or so, then play a specific track, then remove and replace with your previous cable. Play the track again, and it sounds just a little ‘off’. Where before it was cruising in sixth gear, now the timing has gone off the boil, or the engine management needs tuning. In other words, ZenSati Authentica really ties your system together. Highly Recommended!

Price and contact details:

ZenSati Authentica interconnect: £2,400/1m pair

ZenSati Authentica loudspeaker cable: £2,730/1m pair

ZenSati Authentica power cord: £2,430/1m

Manufactured by: ZenSati, Aps

URL: www.zensati.com

Distributed in the UK by: Audio Reference

URL: www.audioreference.co.uk

Tel: +44(0)1252 702705 

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