Hi-Fi+ Guide to Loudspeakers 2017

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Guide Highlights include:


U NEED 2 KNOW – Learn about new offerings in three important loudspeaker categories:

  • Previews of 61 new Floorstanding Loudspeakers,
  • Previews of 25 new Standmount & Bookshelf Loudspeakers, and
  • Previews of 6 new Subwoofers & Other Loudspeaker types.


  • Mads Klifoth of AudioVector,
  • Daniel Emonts of Dynaudio,
  • Daryl Wilson of Wilson Audio Specialties,
  • Craig Milnes of Wilson Benesch, and
  • Yoav Geva of YG Acoustics.

FEATURED REVIEWS Hi-Fi+ review indexes for all Loudspeaker Products from issue 100 to Present:

  • Review Index: Desktop and Standmount Loudspeakers, and
  • Review Index: Floorstanding Loudspeakers and Subwoofers

EDITORS’ CHOICE – Our Editors’ Top 5 picks in each loudspeaker category:

  • Premium-priced floorstanding loudspeakers,
  • Affordable and mid-priced floorstanding loudspeakers,
  • Premium-priced standmount loudspeakers, and
  • Affordable and mid-priced standmount loudspeakers

LOUDSPEAKER LEXICON – Loudspeaker lingo explained in layman’s terms.


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