About Us

Hi-Fi+ enjoys a hard-won reputation as one of the most insightful and influential high-end audio and music publications written in the English language. As the magazine’s motto suggests, Hi-Fi+ covers all things involved in faithfully “reproducing the recorded arts,” and does so with a just-right combination of appropriate seriousness and sharp-edged (though always good-natured) wit.

Hi-Fi+ looks at audio and music from a distinctively European perspective, and is a magazine written by and for those who share a passion for superior sound quality and great music.

Hi-Fi+ is a monthly magazine offered in print, PDF, iPad, and Android editions. The magazine’s web site, in turn, is both an online destination and gathering place for audio enthusiasts and music lovers.

The Hifiplus.com Team

Publisher: Pete Collingwood-Trewin
Editorial Director: Chris Martens
Editor-in-Chief: Alan Sircom
Advertising Manager: Tom Hackforth