Accuphase E-650 integrated amplifier

Integrated amplifiers

It helps, of course, if you have the right speakers. I started with the Amphion Argon 7LS floorstanders, and the Accuphase amplifier seems to have the knack of bringing out their considerable talents. Solid, weighty, tight, tuneful bass underpinning a subtly expressive musical message. Happily though, and again thanks probably to a certain global pandemic, I still had the Fyne Audio F702s on hand, which worked so well with the E-370. Twice the price of the Amphions, but fed by the E-650 they were simply captivating. I suspect it’s a feature of Accuphase’s AAVA preamp architecture, but the performance is much less leveldependent than with many amplifiers, too. It’s possible to get this immersive effect even at modest volume. Edvard Grieg, ‘Varen’ [Chandos] had an almost tangible sense of presence even at late night listening levels.

Sometimes you encounter a product that makes you reassess what you expect from your system. That’s just happened to me with the Accuphase E-650. It is transparent, not in the sense that the signal is preserved (though it surely must be), but in the sense that it makes it easy just to forget that it is there at all. There’s just you, and the music. It’s not so much transparent as invisible

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