Bach Arias

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Bach Arias


Bach Arias

Label: Harmonia Mundi
Media: CD
Genre: Classical

This disc of JS Bach Arias contains a beautiful melange of his works. The musicians clearly take their own interpretation on the musical directions; ‘Choral Schubler’ better known as Watchef Auf is a fine example, as the melody in this recording is taken by the sackbut, a most beautiful instrument.

Pulcinella is a group of musicians all who have an understanding of the baroque, from the articulation and phrasing within the tracks. The group centres around cellist Ophelie Gaillard. This Franco-Swiss musician is renowned for her brilliance and risk taking within music. She plays on a Goffriller cello (1737) and a Flemish violoncello piccolo.

Piau sings a diverse range of genres with great ease, and she has been widely recognised across the world. Dumaux has a strong countertenor voice and made his professional debut at the age of 23. Gonzalez Toro is of Chilean descent, however his first performance was in Geneva at an early age. His voice accurately dances around the melody, especially in the long passing phrases which Bach so frequently uses.

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