Continuum Audio Labs Obsidian turntable and Viper tonearm

Continuum Obsidian,
Continuum Viper
Continuum Audio Labs Obsidian turntable and Viper tonearm

Of course it is on the really good records where the Continuum shines. The Columbia reissue of Berlioz: Symphony Fantastique (New York Phil, Mitropoulos Cond.). ‘Un Bal’ and it’s waltz-like properties were inspiring. The changes in tempo, the sense of space around the instruments, the tonality of the instruments themselves, and the absolute lack of anything getting between you and the music was extremely alluring.

And then there’s the musically wonderful moments that make it all worthwhile: playing something like ‘Crying’ by Roy Orbison. That’s not a record that I was there for the first time round, but it’s not difficult to empathise and realise that for the length of time the record played, the turntable was a time machine. Funny how records you might have only heard on a cheap 1960s turntable and stuck away for decades can have such emotive energy when played on the really good stuff.  

A parting shot here was the use of a good cleaning machine, like the Klaudio. Granted this can make changes that can be heard on almost any table, but the impact it had on the Obsidian and Viper made such a thing almost mandatory.  A small change on a normal turntable became a transformation of epic proportions through the Continuum.

This is a truly wonderful deck to experience, or rather not experience. It’s complete absence of sound and total neutrality is not stark, bright, or forward. It’s neutral, but not in a ‘Switzerland’ kind of way. It’s actively neutral, making a sound that is beguiling and exciting because the impact of the Continnums is so minimal on the music. It makes music come to life in a way few other turntables at any price can. 


Obsidian Turntable

Type: Belt-drive non-suspended turntable with DC motor

Rotational Speeds: 33 1/3 RPM, 45 RPM

Supported Tonearm Length(s): up to two 9-inch arms supported as standard.

Drive Mechanism: Belt driven via 60V DC motor, via external PSU

Speed Control: via PSU (fixed and variable)

Platter Type: FEA-modelled Nested Platter

Bearing Type: Oversized magnetically opposed bearing with tungsten ball and shaft

Arm bases: magnetic support base for arm, tungsten rods as outriggers

Dimensions: not stated

Weight: not stated

Price: £39,998

Viper Tonearm 

Type: Unipivot tonearm

Bearing type: sapphire vee jewel bearing on a hardended stainless steel pivot 

Overhang: not stated

Adjustment options: VTA, Azimuth, and VTF (down to 0.001g increments)

Dimensions: not stated

Weight: not stated

Options: Spare arm wands (£POA)

Price: £11,998

Manufacturer: Continuum Audio Labs


Distributed by: Absolute Sounds

Tel: +44(0) 208 971 3909


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