Franco Serblin Accordo stand-mount loudspeaker

Franco Serblin Accordo

In fact, that ceiling on headroom makes this one of the ultimate small-room designs. While many will be drawn by their striking and consciously asymmetrical looks, or the sublime finish, that only buys you some time on the end of a system. And the Accordo does so much more than that. Where the cynics only see a pretty box, the Accordo also sounds sensational and fills that small room with big sound. The timeless looks coupled with the excellent sound make this – more so than most speakers at its price – your potential ‘forever’ loudspeaker.

The Franco Serblin Accordo is a sumptuous looking loudspeaker with a sound that at once harks back to some of the best small speakers ever produced, yet does so without becoming a rose-tinted wayback machine and has a clean and extended treble that’s as modern as they come without sounding harsh or brash. It’s also a deceptive looking loudspeaker because it looks smaller than it is, and it’s very much a deceptive sounding loudspeaker because it sounds bigger than it is! But, most and best of all, it’s as entertaining to listen to as it is to look at.


Type: two-way, two-driver stand-mount loudspeaker

Drive units: 29mm silk-dome tweeter, 150mm sliced paper cone mid-bass

Crossover: low-order, phase coherent, built into supplied loudspeaker stand

Cabinet: Rigid arch-shaped Solid wood structure decoupled with Aluminium/Magnesium parts.

Frequency Response: 40Hz–33kHz, in room 

Nominal impedance: 4Ω 

Sensitivity: 87dB /1W/1m 

Minimum power amplifier: 
20W/ ch minimum

Finish: Solid walnut – Metal parts chrome aluminium.
Grey Multilayered hardwood – Metal parts chrome aluminium

Dimensions (H×W×D): 
36 cm × 19 cm × 36 cm (HWD) 

Stand height: 74 cm 

Weight: 32kg per pair

Price: £7,498 

Manufacturer: Laboratorium


UK Distributor: Absolute Sounds


Tel: +44(0)208 971 3909

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