Kudos X2 floorstanding loudspeaker

Kudos Audio X2
Kudos X2 floorstanding loudspeaker

Kudos’ avowed aim is to bring many of the qualities of its high-end Cardea range to a lower price point, and the firm has created a new series to that end. The X2 is the first model in that range.

The Cardea range of loudspeakers all use 180mm nominal diameter mid woofers.. However, the X2 is designed around a smaller mid-woofer, and its cabinet has been scaled down to suit.

The X2’s 18mm thick MDF cabinets are nicely made and neatly veneered in lacquered real oak (with other veneers also available). The loudspeaker stands just 780mm high, 166mm wide, and 206mm deep, and so is quite small for a floorstander.  There is an internal cross-brace, mounted just below the woofer, which stiffens the front, sides and back of the cabinet. To deal with internal sound reflections a 25mm thick layer of sculpted white acoustic foam is positioned behind the woofer and tweeter, with a separate piece down inside the lower front panel. Apart from the internal bracing, there are no other methods employed to reduce cabinet panel vibrations.

Drive units are both custom made for Kudos by Norwegian high-quality driver specialists SEAS. The woofer is based on a 150mm nominal diameter cast aluminium alloy chassis. It comprises a doped-paper cone and dust cap, and a 26mm diameter voice coil,  with blackened  former to improve heat dissipation. The tweeter has a 25mm diameter soft-fabric dome and voice coil, with ferrofluid cooling for improved power handling. Both are made to SEAS’ usual high standards

To cover and protect the drive units, there are two chunky MDF framed black cloth grilles, held to the woofer by three magnets which snap onto three cheese-headed steel woofer fixing bolts (the other retaining bolts are dome headed and not used for grille retention). This neat and simple method means that there is no need for ugly plastic or rubber grill-retaining holes in the front panel, giving a much cleaner appearance when the grilles are absent. Considering that the sound quality is greatly improved when these grilles are removed, they are likely to be off for much of the time.

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