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Linn Series 3

The restless dynamics, both broad and low-level, of Miles Davis’ On the Corner [Columbia] pose no problems either. Series 3 is a poised, tonally convincing listen, and it puts worthwhile distance between ‘very quiet’ and ‘very loud’. That said, it doesn’t have the out-and-out scale of Naim’s Mu-so 2nd Generation or the aforementioned Devialet Gold Phantom. That’s not to suggest Series 3 doesn’t breathe deeply enough, mind you, simply that those two are extremely powerful. And Series 3 manages to stay in control of its soundstage even when operating at significant volume, which is an impressive feat in its own right.

Series 3 has demonstrated some isolated instances of dislike for the occasional Android smartphone – Linn is promising an imminent ‘maintenance  release’, but prospective owners might want to check their particular Android smartphone’s Bluetooth compatibility with Series 3. Because other than that, there’s no reason to leave it off your shortlist. When some enterprising video streaming services gets around to making The Linn Story (as they surely must), Series 3’s place in the montage seems assured. 


 Type: Two-way, two-driver standmounter with augmented infinite baffle

Driver complement: 1 × 19mm tweeter, 1 × 160mm mid/bass driver

Frequency response: 42Hz–20kHz

Crossover frequency: 2.3kHz

Maximum SPL (dB): 101 

Dimensions (hwd, cm): 29.6 × 25 × 20.6

Weight (kg): 6.9

Finishes: White cabinet. Silver or gold grille

Price: £,2950 (single); £5,450 (stereo system)

Manufacturer: Linn 

Tel: 0800 001 5111 (UK only)


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