Ludwig, a 10-week digital classical music crash course launched by Primephonic

Ludwig, a 10-week digital classical music crash course launched by Primephonic

From the Primephonic press release:

Primephonic, the world’s leading classical music streaming service, has today launched From Ludwig, a 10-week digital crash course in the genre for beginners.

Adopting a new approach to learning about classical, Ludwig is 99% listening and just 1% reading. Combined with a flexible curriculum that allows you to study whenever and wherever you like, students can build their knowledge in a way that suits their lifestyle.

Ludwig will consist of:

  • A weekly podcast telling the history of classical music through ten pivotal encounters with composers, illustrated by listening widgets
  • Bi-daily email lessons that help the serious beginner better understand the key events and trends in classical music history
  • Hand-picked short playlists on must-know genres and composers
  • Free access to the acclaimed Primephonic app, offering unlimited access to the largest classical catalogue in the world in the highest possible audio quality (24-bit FLAC)

After completing the course, the serious beginner will become a ‘classionado’, meaning they will understand the key periods, composers, and works throughout the genre’s rich history. More importantly, they will have the confidence to explore and discover the music that they like among the hugely varied world of classical music.

Ludwig is priced at £20.00 (paid over three months) and is available via The purchase of Ludwig includes full access to the Primephonic streaming service.

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