Monitor Audio Silver 300 floorstanding loudspeaker

Monitor Audio Silver 300

Most of all, this recording brings out the top-to-bottom coherence of the Silver 300. This is a loudspeaker that is competing with models that are peaky, brash, harsh, or excessively bass-heavy and the Monitor Audio Silver 300 is none of those things. It does have a character of its own, and that is one common to many Monitor Audio loudspeakers; it’s forward and presenting a sound that delivers the goods in a breezy manner that’s just the right side of light and bright, but this has been part of the Monitor Audio success for decades, and although those who think the musical world began and ended with the BBC LS3/5a might not like it, the rest of the world clearly does.

This is a high-end magazine, and I am used to handling loudspeakers with speaker terminals that cost less than the Monitor Audio Silver 300. And yet, this is every inch a high-end loudspeaker. It is more set to the entertainment-delivery end of the high-end world (rather than the overly cerebral), but the point of high-end shouldn’t just be about the price tag or how heavy the loudspeaker is. It should be about the sound, and it’s in the sound quality department where the Silver 300 scores so highly. 

There are always thoughts running through the head of a reviewer in terms of placing a speaker in context. Is it good value for money? Would I sell a pair to my grandmother (difficult considering she’s been dead for several decades)? Could I live with them if the reviews dried up? The answer to all these is a highly recommended ‘yes’! 


Type: Three-way, rear ported floorstanding loudspeaker

Drive unit complement: 1× 25mm gold dome C-CAM tweeter, 1× 100mm RST midrange, 2× 165mm RST bass driver

Frequency response: 32Hz–35kHz

Crossover frequencies: 570Hz, 3.5kHz

Sensitivity: 90dB SPL (2.83V/1m)

Nominal Impedance: 8Ω

Minimum Impedance: 3.5Ω at 146Hz

Maximum SPL: 116dBA (pair)

Amplifier power handling: 80–200W

Finish: White, Gloss Black, Black Oak, Natural Oak, Rosenut, Walnut

Dimensions (H×W×D): 100 × 18.5 × 30cm

Weight: 20kg each 

Price: £1,250 per pair 

Manufactured by: Monitor Audio


Tel: +44(0)1268 740580

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