Pathos InPol Ear headphone amplifier

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Pathos InPol Ear
Pathos InPol Ear headphone amplifier

Finally… the DAC section. I’d suggest the DAC in the InPol Ear should be a mandatory recommendation as it works exceptionally well, and matches the performance of the rest of the amplifier. It’s aimed more at sheer detail retrieval, and that works well with the overall InPol Ear performance. If I am being picky, I’d prefer more of an on-board streaming solution, so that aspects like Internet radio, TIDAL, and maybe even Roon were functions of the InPol Ear with the built in DAC, but for the most part, I suspect the InPol Ear will sit next to a laptop, and both the Ethernet streaming option and app control are more of a nice add-on than a useful function of the device. Judging by my own use, I used the Ethernet connection to evaluate the Ethernet connection, and listened through USB.

The Pathos InPol Ear is a delight to use. It makes good headphones sound great and makes great headphones sound fantastic. It does this without adding or subtracting to the music played. It merely does the music justice, whatever the music, and comes highly recommended as a result. 


Type: Pure Class A hybrid headphone amplifier with optional DAC

Analogue inputs: 1× balanced XLR line, 4× single-ended RCA line

Optional Digital inputs: 1× USB port type B, 1× S/PDIF coaxial, 1× S/PDIF optical, 1× Ethernet RJ45, 2× USB port type A

Outputs: 1× Pre out stereo line RCA (pre-output phase can be selected), 1× Pre out stereo line Balanced XLR, 1× 6.3mm headphone jack, 2× 4-pin XLR balanced headphone connectors

Output impedance: 0.9Ω (XLR), 0.45Ω (single-ended)

Output power: 3W (balanced), 10W (single-ended) at 32Ω, 1.9W (balanced), 6.4W (single-ended) at 50Ω, 800mW (balanced), 2.7W (single-ended) at 120Ω, 320mW (balanced), 1W (single-ended) at 300Ω, 160mW (balanced), 533mW (single-ended) at 600Ω

THD: 0.1% at 11W

Signal/Noise ratio: >100dB

Finish: red, black, white, walnut

Dimensions (H×W×D): 18 × 28 × 37cm

Weight: 12.5kg

Price: £5,395 as tested (£3,449 without Hi-DAC EVO converter)

Manufactured by: Pathos Acoustics


Distributed in the UK by:
UK Distribution Ltd


Tel: +44(0)1425 460760

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