Raidho XT-5 floorstanding loudspeaker

Raidho XT-5

The XT-5 looks and sounds like a Raidho. But it also has poise and balance that goes well beyond just its looks. It has astonishing weight and power considering its slim proportions – and it delivers them (and the rest of the music) with purpose and enthusiasm. Some speakers are more polite than the XT-5, and there are some that are warmer, kinder, and altogether cuddlier: the XT-5s are a pair of musical Jimmy Choos – as opposed to practical, common sense Crocs. They’re sharp, stylish, and not afraid to have a good time. 

When Raidho decided to re-visit the top-end of their entry-level X-series, I’m not sure they were expecting to arrive at the XT-5. I’m not sure they anticipated just what a ground-up engineering overhaul of the company’s driver technology and system design would deliver. The results are as impressive as they are promising – and not a little scary. For all the past prominence and genuinely remarkable moments, the XT-5 is the speaker that really marks Raidho’s coming of age. It’s like the family sent their awkward, slightly gawky, punk daughter (the teenager with all the attitude) away to finishing school. What they got back has enjoyed the benefits of a little judicious weight redistribution, stands up straight, has learnt how to walk (and dance), to converse in three different (musical) languages – and still has plenty of attitude. What they got back is tall, slim, elegant, confident, and impeccably turned out. What they got back is an audio supermodel! 


  Type: Three-way, reflex loaded loudspeaker

Driver Complement: 1×Raidho planar magnetic tweeter
2×Raidho TiCeramix 100mm midrange
4×Raidho TiCeramix 100mm bass

Bandwidth: 33Hz–50kHz

Efficiency: 90dB

Impedance: 6 Ohms

Dimensions (W×H×D): 
145 ×1300 ×470mm

Footprint: 300 x 470mm

Weight: 45.5kg ea.

Price: Birdseye Maple Burl – €39,800
High Gloss Black – €35,300

Manufacturer: Raidho Acoustics


UK Distributor: Decent Audio


Tel.: +44 (0) 1642 267012

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