Snake River Audio Mamushi Signature loudspeaker cables

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Snake River Audio Mamushi Signature
Snake River Audio Mamushi Signature loudspeaker cables

I still tend to be a bit ‘old school’ when it comes to evaluating things. First impressions count an awful lot; those initial few seconds are supremely important – pivotal, even. Yet first impressions can be misleading, if not downright wrong.

Audio is very much a ‘marry in haste, repent at leisure’ activity. We make changes that seem to point in a better direction, but things don’t always work out long term. What seemed like a massive improvement may turn out to be the very opposite with increased exposure...

Evaluating the Snake River Audio (SRA) Mamushi Signature cables for this review was very much an extended process – one measured in months, rather than days or weeks. The UK importer had already given the cables a bit of a burn-in, but warned me that much more time was needed.

Mamushi Signature cables look and feel the part. They’re very heavy and thick, the build is absolutely superb, and they look great. They’re magnetically shielded against radio-frequency interference, and feature a special capacitive weave to cancel RFI.

The manufacturer describes Mamushi’s construction as incorporating a natural capacitive rejection of radio frequency interference by their construction alone. SRA separates the conductors using a thin layer of Teflon (PTFE) between the send and the return conductors, as well as a large air gap dielectric, and protects this configuration by surrounding it with magnets. These magnets are specially ordered for the Mamushis, and are said to be magnetically supersaturated in a multiple pole magnetization pattern, so their magnetic strength is evenly distributed across the surface. The Signature version of the Mamushi cable tested here goes for quality materials. It combines 24k gold, 99.999% pure silver, and oxygen-free copper in a special formulation.

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