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Stillpoints LLC Ultra 6
Stillpoints Ultra 6 resonance control filters

I have been using Stillpoints as a fundamental part of my home system now for around a decade. I say ‘fundamental’ because I think that sums up the nature of their application and musical effectiveness rather well. From the ESS rack through the Ultra Mini, (the smallest commercial filter), to the Apertures (Stillpoints acoustic-treatment panels), I have found that Stillpoints products bring their considerable influences to bear right at the heart of the music, and this is where we need it most.

Up until recently the resonance control filters came in three guises. The Ultra Mini, with attached base can be used with just about any electronics or small(ish) standmount loudspeaker. They don’t take up much room, but are deadly effective when it comes to liberating the music from within the system and improving articulation from top to bottom. Just slip some under your CD player to get a flavour of what they can do. I should add here that, if you like their effect, then that should be the first step in ‘floating’ the whole system because this is where they really pay off big-time, with a release of musical energy and dynamics that hints at where your system could go. Minis are a great introduction to the Stillpoints range of products that finds its ultimate expression in a fully fitted ESS rack, where the devices are layered upon each other to startling effect.

The Ultra SS is a two-piece filter housed within a stainless steel body that can be fitted as a direct threaded replacement for any foot that might be detachable... or just slotted beneath electronics, medium sized speakers, or their stands. Next up is the Ultra 5 which, as the name suggests, houses five of the same filters found in the Ultra SS. But here they are sandwiched between two substantial stainless steel pucks and invisible externally. I have used these under just about everything from hard discs to large loudspeakers. Again they can be fitted to just about any component (electronics or speakers) by using a set of thread converters that the company can supply. Up until now, if you wanted to support a high-end system from front to back or if you had an ESS rack, perhaps fitted with their steel crossbar system known as ‘The Grid’, these are the models you would employ to do the job.

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