Styl:us Show 2016


Inspire Hi-Fi is more than just a maker of hot-rod modifications for Linn LP12 and Roksan Xerxes turntables. The company's Monarch Direct Drive turntable is a popular choice, too, especially with the brand's X200 Mk 2 carbon fibre arm. The complete package (less Audio Technica cartridge) in its 12" guise comes to £5,250

Perhaps little known due to its tongue-twister name, but the Lejonklou dual mono preamplifier, and dual mono power amplifier system made some of the most exciting sounds at the show, when played through a Tiger Paw modified LP12, Hana cartridge, Aurasound Vida phono stage and Totem Element floorstander loudspeakers

The best sound at the show was thanks to Music First Audio, with an Audio Note front end feeding a Classic MM phono Amp, Baby Classic MC step-up, and Baby Classic preamp, into Howes modified Quads and Graham Audio loudspeakers. Refined and elegant sounding

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