The Hi-Fi+ Top 100: dCS to Linn Products

The Hi-Fi+ Top 100: dCS to Linn Products

The second 25 of our round-up of the best products from the finest brands of the last 20 years, covering products made from early 1999 to 2019. Please note, this feature was in celebration of Hi-Fi+ twenty years of high-quality audio reviews and accompanied our 170th printed issue. Audio is a fluid, dynamic market, and reviews published after Hi-Fi+ Issue 170 are also relevant!

dCS Vivaldi 2.0

Reviewed in Issue 141

dCS is the best of British digital audio and the four-box Vivaldi is the best of that best. Imagine our surprise when it was transformed by its v2.0 firmware upgrades!

Reviewed by Chris Thomas

Devialet D-Premier

Reviewed in Issue 75

This shiny chrome pizza box-sized amplifier came packed with the highest of high-tech audio electronics, and the hi-fi industry sat up and took notice. The ultimate in disruptive audio technology!

Reviewed by Alan Sircom

Dynaudio Special Forty

Reviewed in Issue 153

The Special Forty sports a treated Esotar tweeter, magnesium-silicate polymer bass driver, first order crossover, and subtly trapezoid thin-ply birch cabinet, which adds up to something sounding a bit special.

Reviewed by Chris Martens

Eclipse TD508MK3/TD725swMk2

Reviewed in Issues 106 and 116

Eclipse’s distinctive full-range, crossoverless TD508MK3 is a phase correct point source favoured by recording engineers and audio enthusiasts alike, and the TD725swMk2 is the only subwoofer that can keep up!

Reviewed by Alan Sircom

ELAC Adante AS-61

Reviewed in Issue 158

Visionary loudspeaker designer Andrew Jones developed these excellent three-way loudspeakers as one of his first projects with ELAC, featuring a dual concentric driver and an aluminium cone bass driver. Wow!

Reviewed by Alan Sircom

Ensemble Natura

Reviewed in Issue 89

Swiss-made Ensemble builds systems, but if you want to typify what the brand stands for, look no further than the Natura floorstanding loudspeaker; its extremely natural sound is ideal for classical music.

Reviewed by Alan Sircom

Final D8000

Reviewed in Issue 157

A unique planar magnetic headphone system that incorporates Final’s own air film damping system, the D8000 doesn’t just look good; it has the sonic performance and the technology to match.

Reviewed by Chris Martens

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