The Hi-Fi+ Top 100: dCS to Linn Products


KEF Blade

Reviewed in Issue 91

The distinctive Blade is a high-tech tour-de-force. Using KEF’s UniQ driver set in among four equidistant side-firing bass units in a blade-shaped cabinet, the Blade is a detail-retrieving high-end superstar.

Reviewed by Roy Gregory

Kii Audio Three

Reviewed in Issue 162

One of the few active loudspeakers that even the most curmudgeonly audiophiles approve of, the Kii Three is a complete Class D, DSP-driven, great-sounding streaming system inside a speaker cabinet!

Reviewed by Jason Kennedy

Kimber Kable Axios

Reviewed in Issue 149

Years of making great cable for conventional two-channel audio does not automatically transfer to good personal audio sounds, but Kimber Kable’a Axios is different, and is a true in-ear revelation!

Reviewed by Chris Martens

Koetsu Blue Onyx

Reviewed in Issue 116

Everything about this remarkable moving coil cartridge is the stuff of legend, from the hand-fashioned blue Onyx body shell to the platinum sheathed copper wires used in the coil windings. 

Reviewed by Jimmy Hughes

Kronos Sparta and Helena

Reviewed in Issue 131

The Sparta is the more attainable turntable from Kronos. This can start as a single platter deck, with a counter-rotating underplatter upgrade. And the Helena arm is a magical counterpart.

Reviewed by Alan Sircom

Kuzma Stabi R

Reviewed in Issue 164

The latest turntable from Kuzma is solid aluminium with a built-in power supply. It can support up to four tonearms and can be finished in a range of wooden frames.

Reviewed by Alan Sircom

Linn Selekt DSM

Reviewed in Issue 164

Linn has long trod its own path, but things are changing. The new Selekt DSM streamer/amplifier is designed specifically to play nice with other people’s speakers, and it does so brilliantly!

Reviewed by Alan Sircom

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