The Hi-Fi+ Top 100: Lyra to Roon


ProAc Response D20R

Reviewed in Issue 128

Taking ProAc’s popular D18 floorstanding loudspeaker and adding a ribbon tweeter would be good enough, but the company also improved the bass loading and made a sweet-sounding speaker with oomph!

Reviewed by Alan Sircom

PS Audio DirectStream

Reviewed in Issue 125

This impressive DAC just keeps getting more impressive with each iteration of its operating system. It’s like getting a new and better-quality DAC for free each time you upgrade.

Reviewed by Chris Martens


Reviewed in Issue 160

These clever yet affordable wireless headphones combine very good sound quality in passive mode, even better sound in active mode, and musically sensitive noise cancellation for music on the move. 

Reviewed by Chris Martens

Questyle QP2R

Reviewed in Issue 154

Questyle’s second portable Digital Audio Player is a solid, refined, and powerful performer that hooks into the brand’s digital architecture. Its current-mode amplification means the DAP can drive difficult headphones.

Reviewed by Chris Martens

Raidho TD-4.8

Reviewed in Issue 161

The narrow, wing shaped TD-4.8 is an imposing, if slim, structure, but its 5-layer ceramic-tantalum Diamond drivers give the Raidho tower loudspeaker uncanny speed and precision that sets a new standard.

Reviewed by Alan Sircom

Rega Osiris

Reviewed in Issue 72

Rega was best known for making affordable turntables, so the high-end integrated Osiris came as a shock. The detailed, inherently musical, deceptively powerful amp is still the one to beat.

Reviewed by Jason Kennedy

REL 212/SE

Reviewed in Issue 145

Arguably REL’s most musical subwoofer in the range (without spending a fortune), the powerful 212/SE, when correctly installed makes your speakers do less work, and the soundstage blossoms and expands.

Reviewed by Alan Sircom

Roon Nucleus +

Reviewed in Issue 159

The Nucleus + is a grab-and-go music server capable of storing up to 120,000 tracks and makes them sound good while incorporating all the track-wrangling joys of Roon.

Reviewed by Chris Thomas

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