Totem Sky Tower floorstanding loudspeaker

Totem Acoustic Sky Tower

I found after experimenting that the Sky Towers to my ears sounded much more full-bodied after being bi-wired. While not a runaway decision, bi-wiring seemed to add a deeper bass extension and gave the playback a natural breath that was just irresistible. While the Sky Towers do pack a stinging musical punch, if you are looking for loudspeaker that can forcibly knock you back down in your seat, these Totems might not be your cup of tea. Unbridled power and an iron grip choking your music to death is not what you are going to find here. The Sky Towers are a sonically graceful home run that allows you to rock when you need to rock and allows you to be carried off when you need escape. The Sky Towers offer a rounded and complete delivery with enough finesse and detail to allow you to joyfully rediscover your music collection all over again. With certainty, it is hard to imagine how anyone would think they are not getting more for their entry fee than they had expected.


Type: Floorstanding Loudspeaker

Driver complement: 3.3cm laser etched textile soft dome tweeters and 146mm woofer with copper capped voice coil

Frequency response: 36Hz–30kHz ±3dB

Impedance: 8 ohms 

Sensitivity: 88dB

Dimensions (W×H×D): 16.2 ×85×23.2 cm

Weight: Not Listed

Finishes: Multi coat Satin White, black ash veneer, and mahogany veneer

Price: £2,399 

Manufacturer: Totem Acoustic


Distributed by: Joenit

Tel: 0032 15 285 585


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