Triangle Magellan Duetto

Triangle Magellan Duetto

OK, so a stand-mount has an obvious limitation; bass. But this one covers its tracks well. In an appropriate room (small to medium sized) the bass is full and rich and surprisingly tight given those two ports firing at you. No, it doesn’t have gut-churning bass. But in rooms were it works well, you probably don’t need gut-churning bass anyway. If anything, you need to control bass. The Duetto’s balance is just about right under the circumstances.

But most of all, what’s really, really good about the Duetto is it’s fun. It’s enjoyable to play music through these loudspeakers. That sounds self-evident – who buys loudspeakers they don’t like? – but there are many loudspeakers that manage to make music a cerebral, intellectual experience. This doesn’t. You like what you hear and want to hear more. Don’t confuse that cerebral quality with some perceived limitation at playing string quartets; it’s good at that stuff too, but it’s the kind of loudspeaker that makes you want to throw a few chairs around when you play the Right of Spring as much as a Beethoven string quartet might make you want to ponder on the epistemology of the categorical imperative. But it also makes you want to reach for the Little Willies (careful now) and rock out to Jim Campilongo’s awesome guitar playing on ‘Diesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves ‘ (on For The Good Times).

The Triangle Magellan Duetto is not your average box loudspeaker. It packs a lot of fun into a reasonably small box that can bring truly reference grade sound in even the smallest room. The most common phrases uttered by those who heard these in the course of the review (whatever the system and whatever the type of music that took their fancy) was “I really like them” and “I could live with these”. Usually followed by a smile and a nod. High praise indeed!

Technical Specification

Two-way ported standmount

Drivers: 29mm TZ290 GC tweeter, 160mm T16GM-MT10-GC1 mid/woofer

Frequency response: 38Hz-20kHz (±3dB)

Sensitivity: 88dB/W/m

Nominal Impedance: eight ohms

Minimum impedance: four ohms

Power Handling: 80W (160W peak)

Maximum SPL: 107dB

Dimensions (HxWxD): 46x25.3x35cm

Weight: 16kg

Finishes: High gloss black, white, mahogany and bubinga

Price: £4,200 per pair

Manufactured by Triangle


Tel: +33(0)3 23 75 38 20

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