Hi-Fi+ Guide to Headphones, Earphones & Related Electronics

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Guide highlights include:

  • What's Next? Cool new headphones, earphones, CIEMs, and related electronics from 43 manufacturers.
  • Five Master Designers Discuss Headphone Technology -- Interviews with Mitsuru Hosoo (Final), Dr Fang Bian (HiFiMAN), Dan Clark (MrSpeakers), Igor Levitsky (Oppo), and Paul Barton (PSB Speakers).
  • Five Master Designers Discuss Earphone/CIEM Technology -- Interviews with George Cardas (Cardas), Jerry Harvey (JH Audio), John Moulton (Noble Audio), Vincent Liu (Ultimate Ears), and Karl Cartwright (Westone).
  • Hi-Fi+ Editors' Choice Recommendations -- See our top picks for Headphones, Earphones & CIEMs, and Headphone Amplifier/DACs, plus notes on future models to watch and a comprehensive index of Hi-Fi+ reviews.
  • Encyclopedia Headphonica -- Headphone terminology and lingo explained in layman's terms.

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