Hi-Fi+ Guide to Personal Audio 2016

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Guide Highlights include:


WHAT’S NEXT IN PERSONAL AUDIO? - Previews of 12 new headphones, 12 new earphones and CIEMs, and 19 new personal audio components and accessories.

Hi-Fi+ INTERVIEWS SIX MASTERFUL HEADPHONE AMPLIFIER DESIGNERS - Featuring conversations with Dr Alex Cavalli (Cavalli Audio), Thorsten Loesch (iFi Audio), Daniel Poupart (Moon by Simaudio), Wang Fengshuo - 'Jason Wang' (Questyle Audio Engineering), Jason Stoddard (Schitt Audio), and Jack Wu (Woo Audio).

Hi-Fi+ TALKS WITH SEVEN VALUE-MINDED PERSONAL AUDIO DESIGNERS - Featuring conversations with Gary Hsieh (1MORE), James Strong (Atomic Floyd), George Gill (late of Echobox Audio), David Friesema (Etymotic Research), Davies Roberts (Flare), Antonio Meze (Meze Headphones), and Iain Smith (RHA Audio).

THE FIT iS IT: GETTING THE MOST FROM YOUR EARPHONES Hi-Fi+ Publisher Chris Martens explains how and why a proper fit is the key to making your earphones sound their best.

A HEADPHONE MANIFESTO: WHY HEADPHONES MATTER – Ardent headphone proponent and lifelong high-end audio enthusiast Chris Martens carefully compares and contrasts the benefits of headphone-based systems vs. loudspeaker-based systems.

PERSONAL AUDIO: IS IT 'REAL' HIGH-END AUDIO? – Hi-Fi+ Edtior Alan Sircom asks whether personal audio can provide authentic high-end listening experiences and finds that top-tier sound quality ultimately may be in the eye (and ear) of the beholder.

Hi-Fi+ PERSONAL AUDIO REVIEW INDEX (Issue 100 – Present) – Featuring reviews of earphones & CIEMS, headphones, and personal audio electronics and accessories.

ENCYCLOPAEDIA HEADPHONICA – The esoteric terminology and concepts of personal audio made plain.

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